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Approach to Pediatric Hematopathology Pathology


January 16 2021


5:15 pm - 6:15 pm


  • Dr. Audi Setiadi
    Dr. Audi Setiadi

    Dr. Audi Setiadi is currently a staff Hematopathologist at BC Children’s Hospital (Vancouver, BC). She earned her BSc degree in Cell Biology & Genetics at the University of British Columbia, medical degree at McMaster University (Hamilton, ON), and completed residency training in Hematopathology at UBC. Her main interest includes applications of flow cytometry in minimal residual disease, immunodeficiencies and acute leukemia.

At the end of this presentation, the residents will be able to describe an approach to the diagnosis of inherited bone marrow failure syndromes (IBMFS) and acute leukemia in childhood, interpret clinical and laboratory findings and understand the limitations of tests to diagnose these conditions in pediatric population.


  • Discuss the approach to the diagnostic workup for Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes (IBMFS)



Video will be available from January 19 – February 26, 2021

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