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Case 2 – Myeloid Neoplasms With Germline Predisposition


May 06 2021


11:20 am - 11:40 am


  • Danielle Meunier
    Danielle Meunier

    Danielle Meunier is a former medical laboratory technologist and current 3rd year hematopathology resident at the University of Alberta. She enjoys all areas of hemepath, with special interests in molecular hematopathology and transfusion medicine.
    When not studying or working, she enjoys riding and fixing bikes, and sewing.


The presentation will review a case of myeloid neoplasm with germline predisposition and discuss the salient features of the various entities in this category.


  • Describe the genetic mutations that predispose to myeloid neoplasms
  • Discuss the clinical and pathologic features of myeloid neoplasms with germline predisposition
  • Determine when to consider germline predisposition when dealing with a myeloid neoplasm