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Forensic Pathology for the Senior Resident


January 31 2023


5:25 pm - 6:40 pm


  • Dr. Linda Kocovski
    Dr. Linda Kocovski
    Hamilton Regional Forensic Pathology Unit

    Dr. Linda Kocovski is a forensic pathologist at the Ontario Provincial Forensic Pathology Unit. She completed her medical degree at the University of Sydney, Australia. She completed both her specialty training in General Pathology and subspecialty training in Forensic Pathology at McMaster University. Her roles and interest in General Pathology education and advocacy have included past secretary for the General Pathology section of the CAP-ACP and national specialty society observer for the General Pathology specialty committee of the RCPSC.

This will be a presentation of images of typical autopsy findings pertinent to: – Identification – Postmortem changes – Asphyxial deaths – Drowning – Hypothermia – Blunt force injury – Pedestrian/motor vehicle deaths – Craniocerebral trauma – Sharp force injury – Drugs and alcohol – Firearms – Electrocution – Fire deaths – Child abuse/elder abuse – Natural disease in death investigation.

At the end of the sessions, participants will be able to:

  • Describe methods of identifying deceased persons.
  • Recognize common artefactual postmortem changes.
  • Recognize injuries due to blunt force trauma, sharp force trauma, firearms, fire.
  • Identify causes of sudden natural death based on gross findings at autopsy.
  • Explain when and how to obtain samples for toxicologic analysis

Target Audience: Resident

CanMEDS Roles: Medical Expert (the integrating role), Communicator, Professional