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Neuropathology Review: Introduction


July 13 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm



Nervous system microscopic anatomy, CNS cell types, and reaction patterns to injury will be discussed with emphasis on the parallels between the CNS and other organs. It will include a review of the pathology and pathophysiology of nervous system infectious and vascular diseases.


  • Describe the H&E and immunohistochemical properties of neurons, glia, and microglia.
  • Discuss the pathophysiologic and microscopic features of neuronal, astrocytic, and microglial reaction to injury.
  • Review the structure of the blood brain barrier and its role in cerebral edema and herniation.
  • Identify the differentiating features of bacterial and viral infections of the nervous system.
  • Identify the pathologic features of ischemic, occlusive, and embolic cerebral vascular disease.

Day One Video