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Quality Assurance In Transfusion Medicine


January 15 2021


5:15 pm - 5:55 pm


  • Dr Hakam Buyukdere
    Dr Hakam Buyukdere

    Dr. Hakan Buyukdere is a Staff Hematopathologist and currently working at EORLA Laboratory of Ottawa Hospital General
    Campus as a Section Head of Quality Assurance for Hematopathology and Transfusion Medicine. He is an Assistant
    Professor at the University of Ottawa Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department.
    His area of interests focus on ” Continuous Quality”, “Safe Transfusion Practices” , “Rapid Reversal of Anticoagulation” and”Multiparameter Flow Cytometry”

Presentation reviews quality assurance components that are specific to Transfusion Medicine work.


1 : Explain the purpose and basic principles of a quality assurance program in Transfusion Medicine
2 : List at least six (6) basic components of a Transfusion Medicine QA program
3 : Describe at least three (3) strategies through which error identification can lead to quality improvement as part of a quality
assurance program in transfusion medicine


Video will be available from January 19 – February 26, 2021

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