He’s written for Time, CNET, PCMag, and several other publications. He’s the author of two tech books–one on Windows and another on LinkedIn. At the Windows 11 configuration window, select the section for Hardware.

Let’s press Win + L to lock your screen first. When you are on the Lock Screen, simply press Print Screen key which copies the whole lock screen into the clipboard. Browse other questions tagged windows-10 screen screenshot shortcode or ask your own question.

If that’s also not possible, you can download and use a program like Jing https://driversol.com/drivers/keyboards/hp/hid-keyboard-device. Before you can take a screenshot, you must make sure that the screen which you want to screenshot is up with no distractions (e.g., open windows or programs). Doing so stops recording screen changes and opens the results window.

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If you’re using Windows 8, just type in snipping tool on the Start screen and select the Snipping Tool from the search results. Once the Paint program is open, you’ll see a blank canvass where you can do your editing. Click Paste at the upper-left corner of the window or hit Ctrl + V to paste your screenshot. All screenshots are usually saved in the Screenshots folder, which is inside the Pictures folder. All the screenshots will be named Screenshot+ which tells you the sequence with which these images were taken.

  • Your device is now connected to your PC via Bluetooth.
  • If your Fitbit scale still doesn’t sync, remove all other Fitbit devices from your account and from the list of connected Bluetooth devices on your phone and try to sync.
  • Then you can select the area you want to take a partial screenshot of.

I had to do a system restore because I had previously installed the “ScpToolkit”, which is for connecting a Playstation 3 Dualshock controller to your computer via bluetooth. It seemed to screw up the bluetooth on my Acer laptop completely. Didn’t have a “generic adapter” under Bluetooth, but I did have an “Intel Wireless Bluetooth”. I updated the drivers for it, also updated Windows while I was at it, then restarted the computer. I am not sure in this, but You can try to press the Win key + X, there is an option for it in the windows that pops up. If you want to disable Bluetooth, in step 3 above, select the Disable option in the pop-up menu.

K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

Technologynetworkonline.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Ensure you remove them from the device they are already connected to and try again, they should then be able to pair with your preferred device. This is an easy one, but make sure your Earbuds are within pairing distance from your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. Simply moving within range can trigger them to connect. Holding down the system button until the LED flashes.

Before you start, study the work of established photographers for some inspiration. Whether it’s the majestic landscapes of Ansel Adams, the evocative portraits of Annie Leibovitz, or the striking photojournalism of Steve McCurry, you can learn a lot from the masters. If your phone lacks this feature, consider a third-party app like Screen Master.